Product Designer
My name is Morgan Izquierdo — I am a senior product designer with a generalist profile. My job is to find a way of balancing the needs of a business and the user’s point of view. Formerly at Proximity BBDO, Shopmium, Etsy / A little Market, now at Orange Business Services.
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About me

I'm a French designer based in Paris. I practice User-Centric Design and use the think > Make > Check cycle. «Empathizer in-chief», I represent the voice of the user.

Research + Product design


Orange Business Online Support Design a consistent support experience for business clients and define an internal workflow and tool to create and transform support content.

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Partnering with Pivotal Labs
  • Be part of a Balanced-team (PM/Eng/Design)
  • Apply Lean methodology
  • Support an Agile development backlog
  • Pairing design
Lead Design for Orange Business Online Support
As a designer, my role is to be the voice of the user and establish a regular design cycle :
Think > Create > Check

  • Conduct user research : plan meetings, write a discussion guide, facilitate interviews, synthesis, affinity map, define problems and insights, priorization
  • Lead ideation : brainstorming, sketching, prototyping
  • Benchmark competitors
  • Test : define assumptions and experiments, facilitate usability testing
  • Lead design review and design critique
  • Deliver design decisions
  • Use tracking and data to inform design decisions
  • Facilitate weekly retrospectives



Orange Business Services
Generate our own data to learn more about our user needs and measure success

  • Google Analytics
  • Data studio
  • ContentSquare
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Product Design


SHOPMIUM is an app allowing you to make savings on your everyday purchases. Available for Android and iPhone in France, the UK and the U.S.

  • Create a brand identity through imagery, iconography, colors, fonts, merchandising
  • Lead UX Design for apps (iPhone and Android)
  • Ensure consistency across platforms (app, webapp) in a user-centered approach
  • Design automations and supervise the externalization of the ongoing graphic design
  • Rapid prototyping, strategic research and mock-ups, support selling effort

Graphic Design


La main est reine – the hand is queen. A manifesto to all the makers, those who do vs those who talk about doing. Also a way to apply to myself this motto : DIY.

Don’t like how something’s going? Do it yourself. Pissed off about someone’s business model? Do it yourself. Start a band, start a business. It’s all the same.

As a designer, as a coder, we can get power if we make stuff.

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