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My name is Morgan Izquierdo — I help orgs amplify their impact through design. Discovery specialist, I also coach for design, product & change. Formerly at Proximity BBDO, Shopmium, Etsy, Orange Business Services and now working as a consultant both for corporate, public policy or startups at Ippon.
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About me

Father of 2. Raised in France, based in Europe. Remote lover. Zero BS, 100% value-based Design.

Research + Product design


Orange Business Online Support Design a consistent support experience for business clients and define an internal workflow and tool to create and transform support content.

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Partnering with Pivotal Labs
  • Be part of a Balanced-team (PM/Eng/Design)
  • Apply Lean methodology
  • Support an Agile development backlog
  • Pairing design
Lead Design for Orange Business Online Support
As a designer, my role is to be the voice of the user and establish a regular design cycle :
Think > Create > Check

  • Conduct user research : plan meetings, write a discussion guide, facilitate interviews, synthesis, affinity map, define problems and insights, priorization
  • Lead ideation : brainstorming, sketching, prototyping
  • Benchmark competitors
  • Test : define assumptions and experiments, facilitate usability testing
  • Lead design review and design critique
  • Deliver design decisions
  • Use tracking and data to inform design decisions
  • Facilitate weekly retrospectives



Beta Gouv
Coach public entrepreneurs and teams to build impactful public products and services.

French State Startups take up the operating model of Startups to build public digital products and services. They are judged on their impact on citizens life. The service starts quickly, but in a prototype version, small area, user-centric.

Goals are to create real impact to citizens and the public policy and bring public spendings for digital products in a Leaner, Agile and evidence-based approach
  • Investigate problems quickly
  • Help deciders choosing to build, buy or abandon a hypothesis
  • Bring validated UX direction through experimentation (concierge MVP, user research...)
  • Help define distribution strategy to increase product adoption
  • Help teams work better together
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Product Design


SHOPMIUM is an app allowing you to make savings on your everyday purchases. Available for Android and iPhone in France, the UK and the U.S.

  • Create a brand identity through imagery, iconography, colors, fonts, merchandising
  • Lead UX Design for apps (iPhone and Android)
  • Ensure consistency across platforms (app, webapp) in a user-centered approach
  • Design automations and supervise the externalization of the ongoing graphic design
  • Rapid prototyping, strategic research and mock-ups, support selling effort

Graphic Design


La main est reine – the hand is queen. A manifesto to all the makers, those who do vs those who talk about doing. Also a way to apply to myself this motto : DIY.

Don’t like how something’s going? Do it yourself. Pissed off about someone’s business model? Do it yourself. Start a band, start a business. It’s all the same.

As a designer, as a coder, we can get power if we make stuff.

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